Raw Cashew Nut

“ “ Nuts are notable not only for the superior quality of protein, but for their richness in calcium, iron and other mineral elements. Nuts are the quintessence of nutriment, infact the “chef-d’ oeuvre “ of Nature in food products. they supply for a given weight nearly twice the amount of any other food product.”
- Dr. John harvey Kellogg, 1932

Cashew, the edible seed or nut of ancacardium occidentale, a polygamus Tropical and sub-tropical evergreen was first discovered by the Spanish explorers in the region known as state of maranhao in Northern Brazil. The name cashew comes from the Tupi-India tribe of Brazil "acaju". In the 15th century the Portuguese missionaries brought the cashew to east Africa and to India and believed to have planted as a Wind breaker and prevent soil erosion. Cashew played an important part in the diet of the original Indian inhabitants of the region where Cashew was first discovered. Thus we can assume the Portuguese who Planted cashew trees in East Africa and in India were already aware of the importance of cashew as an edible nut.

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